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One man’s honest attempt at explaining why he did what he did.

Donald Trump may be out of the White House, but we still have to figure out how to live with the folks that voted for him.

This anonymous interview was edited for clarity, but hasn’t been altered in any way, content-wise. It is presented here for anyone on the liberal / Democratic side of the aisle who is still interested in reading an intelligent, but opposing viewpoint through civilized discourse.

I was born in…

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Democrats! Time to put aside your differences, and focus on the real enemy: Bernie.

If you’re a true-blue member of the Democratic Party, you should be worried. We have spent the last several years trying to torpedo Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and yet here his is, more popular than ever, coming out on top despite our hard work. This is not good. For a while, his fame wasn’t a concern- after all, our press has been doing a great job of diminishing his presence or simply pretending he doesn’t even exist. But even with our propaganda machine in full swing, the guy’s popularity keeps popping up in new places like an air bubble in bad…

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The New York Times published the wrong version of this letter. Here’s the correct one, unabridged.

Open Letter to Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos

Dear Mr. Bezos:

New Yorkers do not want your false promises of 25,000 permanent jobs, 11,000 union construction and maintenance jobs, and $28 billion in new tax revenues that Amazon was prepared to dangle in front of our state. There is a clear majority of rich, short-sighted, and greedy New Yorkers that do support this proposal, because they see dollar signs in their future and can’t wait to cash in on a yuppified version of New York City, jammed with trendy bars and overpriced restaurants affordable to a select few. Then there are those still hoping you’ll return because they…

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The real issues behind the Amazon - New York City deal, and why this is a threat to everyone, including you.

While New Yorkers were busy voting out Republicans at the polls, their fearless incumbent Governor, confident of a third term, quietly released a bombshell he clearly hoped would be drowned out by the election day hype: Amazon is Coming To Town in the form of a second headquarters in Long Island City. …

original photo by Eden, Janine and Jim

Here’s a helpful breakdown of 3 Ballot Questions you probably didn’t even know you were voting on.

Did you know there’s are 3 Ballot Questions you will be voting on during this year’s election, assuming you live in New York City? If you do, congratulations- you’re one of the few. For all the talk about getting citizens out to vote, local governments still do precious little to inform or motivate the general populace about what’s going on. Here is a list of usually reliable online resources that, as of the typing of these words, still don’t even mention our Ballot Questions: Ballotpedia, Vote Smart, My Time to Vote, Vote 411, and Vote Save America. Ballot Ready mentions…

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Every 20 Years, New York Voters have the chance to rewrite their constitution any way they wish. Should they?

So there I was, sitting in a Brooklyn church on a Tuesday night in September, listening to a group of strangers yelling at each other about a monumental issue that few of us even know exists. Once every twenty years in November, New York voters must choose whether or not we want to rewrite or amend any or all of the New York State Constitution. 2017 is one of those years, and if enough New Yorkers vote , a Constitutional Convention will take place- composed of 204 delegates who will hammer out a proposal full of changes. Once they’re done…

George Lucas portrait by Charis Tsevis, detail.

Yes, I am about to use the to discuss American Politics, and I’ll be doing so with a straight face- but first, a little history. Like most males of my generation, I was under the power of the Force for all of my childhood, having watched at the impressionable young age of four. This event should have created an unabashed fanboy ecstatic at the news that Disney would let us all relive our…

detail from Billy Joel’s GLASS HOUSES, original photo by Jim Houghton, Turkey Photo by Patrick Fitzgerald, remixed by Memo

Or: How I Learned to Resist the Urge of Slamming My Trump-Supporting Cousin’s Face Into the Mashed Potatoes

Ah, the American Holidays of 2016. Perhaps no holiday season in recent U.S. history has been the cause of more anxiety than this one. Who’s stupid idea was it to stick election day right before it all, anyway? And how is a multi-cultural-loving, equality-for-all liberal supposed to make it through the day without resorting into the very thing s/he supposedly abhors? And yes, I do mean bloody violence.

Fear not, for this here will help you through the familial tensions that are sure to rise while stuffing your face with cranberry sauce. First, let’s consider your position…

original background photo by John Phelan, art & design by Memo Salazar

Helping America answer the question “WTF?”

Dear America:

No doubt you’re suffering from a serious hangover right about now. You’ve been on the bender of your life for the past eighteen months, and now, here you are, trying to figure out just what in the hell happened. As your therapist, I’m here to walk down this path with you. Here, let me hold up this mirror and turn on the light. There we go. What do you see?

No doubt you’re looking for someone to blame. The racists, the xenophobes, the sexist white males that show up at rallies louder than any group of fratboys you’ve…

How the Democratic and Republican Parties Saved America From a Bunch of Nosy, Meddling Dames.

If you’re finding this title a little offensive, wait until you read the true story that inspired it. And if you’re wondering why our Presidential Debates are the opposite of everything you’d like them to be, well, this story will provide you with the exact, irrefutable answer… but you’re not going to like it.

It begins in July of 1848, the month women’s suffrage became an official movement in Seneca Falls, NY. Just imagine: slavery was still legal, and it would be another 22 years before men with dark skin could vote- a difficult battle in itself- yet enlightened women…

Memo Salazar

A filmmaker, writer & artist who has directed Public Enemy music videos, coauthored a TED Talk with Brian Greene, and edited Sesame Street, among other things.

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